[Input widget issuse]Prompt and fix the number of text

Hi Outsystems teams

I am facing with two issuses using  input widget.

first: How can  fix the number of text that the user can type from the keyboard.for example after the user typing 100 characters from keyboard the forcus is enter the next line automatically.How can I achieve this issuse.

Second : Prompt issuse

I used Prompt to show the user (Example:Please fill the name).but when I open my app in browser the cousal is show the end of the scentance.How can I achieve this issuse.see my picture

some body guide me please.


Hi May Zin,

If you want fix length input you can set max length property- like below image

it will restrict to user

and after that you want move next input focus use this script

$('#InpTxt').keyup(function() {
     if(this.value.length == $(this).attr('maxlength')) {

And having prompt issue use input prompt property-


Rahul Sahu

Thanks Rahul Sahu

Unfortunately I cannot see your photo about input prompt property.

do you have anyway to see photo (eg attachment),please help me.


May Zin Linn