Help me understand the pricing.

Help me understand the pricing.


Hello Hriday,


The Community Edition allows you to have a maximum of 400 visitors per day, only.

To accomodate such traffic you would require a Basic Edition for at least 50 concurrent users (=4000 visitors per day). Depending on your business return the initial investment may fit your needs.


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Hi Hriday,


You can better understand the differences between the several Outsystems Plataform editions in the Agile Platform Editions web page. For a more detailed description on this, you can see the Agile Platform Editions document


As Pedro said, you can easily simmulate the pricing on different configurations the OutSystems Agile Platform on the Agile Platform Pricing simulator.


I hope this information is of any help.


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Daniel Lourenço

Hi! Where can I find the prices?
Because this screen only describes the different licenses.. but there are no prices.
I need to send the different values to a customer.
Thank you!
Hi Carolina,

In the Agile Platform Editions web page as well as in the Agile Platform Order Page you can scroll down and seel the price for each user band (this applies to the Standard Edition). Please contact OutSystems for Enterprise pricing plans.
Thank you
I have downloaded and experimenting free personal environment. I would like to know is there any time restriction to use it say 30 days or so?
Thank you
Hi Pargunan,

Welcome to OutSystems community :)

There are no time limits to the Personal Edition. It's free, forever. Also, check out the Personal Edition FAQs for additional information!

Apologies for hijacking this thread, but what if we decided to run it on our own infrastructure? It says we can get the generated source and run and develop it further locally, is that assumption correct or are there other caveats to consider?
Hi Ben,

The capability you are referring to is often referred as 'no lock-in'. It's the way OutSystems guarantees an enterprise customer ever decides to stop using OutSystems Platform, they can detach the source code of your applications. They can then manage them as any other .Net or Java application and use the IDEs and version control systems of their choice.

This is so, because OutSystems Platform generates standard .NET or Java applications that are ready to run on a standard web application server stack like IIS, JBoss or WebLogic. As simple as this.

You can read more about it here...

P.S. Normally, we don't disclose pricing information without first understanding the customer needs, so feel free to send me a private message if needed...