Schedule exam in weekend

Good morning, Im trying to schedule the exam to Saturday, but ProScheduler don't let me to choose Weekend days.

Anyone knows why?

Hi Diogo,

I think there are no dates or very limited dates for Weekend. So all available time slots with dates are visible there and you can choose from those only.

Hi Diogo,

Is it showing weekend slots? if not then you can't schedule your exam on weekend.  

Apart then, You can schedule your exam only for available dates and time. At the time of scheduling exam ProScheduler show all available slots and you can choose one of them.      

Hi Diogo, 

We have checked and indeed there were no slots available for the weekend (during February). We'll make sure to have more available more slots during those days.

In the meantime, and so you don't have to wait much longer, in case you're in a hurry, please open a case to Training on Support Portal, so that we can expedite this for you.

Thank you!

Maria João Matos

OutSystems Training Team