[CKEditor] CKEditor not campatible with ascx

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Published on 3 Apr by David Farinha
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Published on 3 Apr by David Farinha


I´m using the CKEditor webblok in several modules and it works fine but on one screen in one of the modules I recieve this error:

SRVOSPRD - Error Log                                                                        

The base class includes the field 'block', but its type (ssCKEditor.Flows.FlowCKFlow.WBlkCKEditor) is not compatible with the type of control (ASP.blocks_ckeditor_ckflow_ckeditor_ascx).

There are no broken references, there were no chagens to both modules (the one that provides the webblock and the one with the screen) and that screen works with the exact same modules on quality environment. The data used on this screen it's the same in quality and production environments.

Is it possible that I have configurations in production that are changing the type?
Is it possible that there are broken referenses but I can't see them on service center?