OS for mobile applications

OS for mobile applications


I'm testing OutSystems platform for mobile applications and has been difficult to find specific information about this topic...

The basic test that i'm trying to do at this stage, is to define a layout for a mobile version of MyContacts (sample) application (testing with bluebelt - ZTE Mobile, Windows Mobile 6.1, IE).

For now, I just copied the text that defines the "Style Sheet" on the "Web" (eSpace properties) to the "Mobile Web" "Style Sheet" property and changed some styles, hoping that OutSystems applies the style sheet automatically... but the mobile web style sheet was never applied.

Keep in mind that besides being a beginner in OutSystems, I'm a little bit rusty in development techniques... :(

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Are you using 4.2 or 5.0 as development environment ?

In 4.2 there were some specials for mobile development.
In 5.0 this is removed and OS advices you to use the normal webscreens.

We've developed a simple app for a PDA.
All based on the normal webscreens.

I'm using 5.0.

If we should use normal webscreens, what is the purpose of "mobile web" properties?

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Hi Marcelino,


The "mobile web" properties shouldn't be there. Please ignore it.

Following Joop's suggestion, you can design your mobile interface using Web Screens.