Hello, I am trying to implement a pagination that is dynamic, that is, every time you click on one of the pagination pages, the data action will be executed. The API as such accepts the number of results that will be shown on each page, for example you can select that only 8 lines are shown in the table, it is the default value, or that 5 are shown, up to 100 results can be displayed per page.

I have had some problems to implement it, so I ask the community if someone has already done it, or how it could be done, in order to implement it.



I haven't, but i would start using the variable with the chosen number of lines in the Line Count from the table



Hello, thanks for answering, are you using traditional web ?. I'm using Reactive, I think it's a little different.

I'm in traditional . Yes, in reactive is a different, it seams we have to use MaxRecords. 

Hi Sergio, are you using advanced query, or aggregates?