could i have one to many table relationship to itself ?

I have a entity which is courses, each course has a prerequisites which is list of courses so i want to have an attribute in courses entity to be of type courses identifier

How to do that ?

Hello Muhamed.

That is a basic data model issue.

Have you completed the course?

Summary: you need an entity to link Courses with Courses.

Your Courses will have an Id.

Your Prerequisites entity will have its own Id and a DesiredCourseId and a PrerequisiteCourseId to match one Course with a previous Course.

But please see the video. This is harder than I make it sound.

Hi Muhammad,

Yes, you just have to add an attribute in your entity with type set to identified of the same entity. This way You may have one to many relationship with itself.

See below images for example of entity attribues