[Pushwoosh Plugin] Pushwoosh on multiple environments

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Published on 2019-10-18 by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 2019-10-18 by OutSystems R&D

Hello all.

In a project I'm in we're using the pushwoosh plugin. We have multiple environments and, as such, we need different google services files, one for each environment. 

My question is: is this achievable in the same way as it is done for the firebase plugin, as described in this guide? Or do I have to always manually reset the google services file everytime I do a deploy?

(excerpt from the guide)


Support to multiple environments

If you’re wondering why we have to configure the “target directory” of the configuration files to include the application identifier, that’s because we need to support having Firebase in a multiple environment scenario.

Check the following example:

  • We have 3 environments (DEV, QA and PROD)
  • As expected, our app has a different app identifier in each environment
  • Also, we'll have a Firebase project per environment, which means we'll have different configuration files per environment


Thank you guys for your help!

+1 for the question.
I would also like to see this feature in PushWoosh.

Btw FirebaseMobile Plugin a feature where we can separate the resource by AppIdentifier easily.

We found this while also looking for a solution for this
We are going to try it and see if it works might be usefull for you to as well 


Update on this
Created 1 project in firebase

Added 2 applications to the project 

On the last application you add the google-services.json will include information for both apps, we tested and it works on both environments we tested with the json file will look like this:

 And as you can see the package_name is different between the two "client" records in the json.


Thank you for your help Luís! You're a life saver!