Not able to log into Service Center after a fresh/clean Platform Server install?

This is just a note for anyone who has had problems logging into Service Center after a fresh/clean Platform install.  In my case, it would continuously tell me "Invalid username or password."

This would still be the case, even after doing any of the following:

  • (Re)setting the admin password in the Configuration Tool.
  • Manually changing the hashed password in the DB for the admin
  • Manually adding a 3rd user in the DB

It's possible that you might have to reinstall .NET Core Runtime & Hosting Bundle - even if it is the correct version - and then (re)set the admin password again in the Configuration Tool.

In my case - I had the correct .Net Core Bundle version already installed - but it was installed BEFORE the Platform Server install (and hence, before the Web Server (IIS) configuration step).

The Installation Checklist's .Net Core Bundle installation step says "This needs to be installed after the above Web Server (IIS) configuration step is complete." - I missed that detail - and if it's already installed before the Platform Server install, it seems to mess this up.

So just try (re)installing (the correct version of) .Net Core Bundle!

The errors are not helpful in explaining what is going on.

To give credit - although not exactly related my issue, this post helped:

Hi Taka,

Thank you for sharing this very useful additional information. 

I never paid attention to the fact that .NET Core bundle needs to be installed after the Web Server (IIS) configuration step is complete. This was probably what caused my (same) issue in the first place and why reinstalling the .NET Core bundle did the trick.

Thanks for giving credits to my posted solution :).