Calling WakeTimer continuously


When you use the Wake built-in action to explicitly awake a timer, the NextRun property is updated with "Now". What happens if the Wake action is called continuously before the timer starts to run?
Will the NextRun property be updated for each call, delaying the timer execution or, since the NextRun is in the past, no change will be made?

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Hi Fernando,

I made a simple test with the Outsystems Community Edition 5.0 and in fact the Next Run property of the timer is always updated by the Wake timer action (even if the timer's Next Run is already in the past).

I had this problem in the past (some versions ago) and the workaround was simple - verify if the Next Run property of the timer is already in the past before calling the Wake timer action; If it is, there is no need to call it.

You can access the value of the Next Run property of the timer using the system entities Meta_Cyclic_Job and Cyclic_Job. You can include these entities on your eSpace by doing an "Add/Remove References" and importing these entities form the (System) entry on the eSpace list.

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Daniel Lourenço