I noticed some unwanted behaviour in the GetEntryUrl() action in combination when getting the url for a react application from a traditional application: GetEntryUrl() appends .aspx to the name of the page before adding the parameters. But the server does not accept .aspx for react pages. 

For now I solved it with replace() to remove the .aspx, but is there a better way to do this?

Hello Detlev, 

Replace is a good method if you want to keep using GetEntryUrl().

Although, my advice for you is to build the URL yourself, if it's in the same espace you can use GetOwnerURLPath() and add the input parameters manualy (or create an action that receives an url plus a list of parameters and builds it for you).

There are many ways to do it. Your replace technique is fine, but I think calling GetEntryUrl() to build the URL, then adding a replace action is an extra effort for something you could be doing the right way from the start.

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Well, it's not in the same espace because React and traditional don't mix... So unfortunately this ain't gonna work ;)

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