Autofix or warn settings or List_Navigation, Table_Records and List_Counter

Settings (e.g. StartIndex) of List_Navigation, Table_Records, and List_Counter are closely related. These settings are automatically set correctly when using scaffolding. However, when they are done (in a later stage) manually it is a little cumbersome to check the settings on all three parts. I guess it must be possible to check these settings because there are some underlying rules. It would be handy if there was a possibility to 

* push a button and then automatically correct them.

* show a warning when they seem not to be correctly set.

* Automatically correct the List_Navigation and List_Counter StartIndex when a List_Navigation is added.

e.g. currently I believe there is no warning but the user will not see updating the Table_Records content when paginating using the List_Navigation.

Hi Ronnie,

There's an ideas section on this Community website where you can submit these kinds of suggestions you would want to see implemented in the platform. 

If it gathers enough votes, it would get the attention of OutSystems which can result in an implementation of your idea :).