I have recently been upgraded from OutSystems 10 to OutSystems 11 and the existing production applications are working as before - however they still reference Silk UI and Lisbon Theme. 

I have read sources such as https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/How-to_Guides/How_to_Build_a_Front-End_Architecture_in_OutSystems

https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/11/Developing_an_Application/Design_UI and 


But having issues figuring out how that would work in my factory. 

I would like to create something similar to this: 

But my questions are: 

How do I use theme editor to create a "Corporate_theme" which can be consumed by other modules, Is it as simple as copying and pasting into a Theme? 

The CorporateBase App has "Corporate_Patterns" module - is this literally just webblocks/layouts and why would you separate these out? 

What would be included in "Store_StyleGuide" in this example?

OutSystems UI also uses a neutral pallete scheme for coloring the Text, but how can I make it so that the Text in the Header is different, without changing it on every application?

Can you use the same theme for Reactive Web and Traditional Web app?



So you have lots of questions in this. Just to start, here is a course on creating a Theme: https://www.outsystems.com/learn/lesson/1269/creating-a-custom-theme/?LearningPathId=0

That should give you a lot of information you are asking.  You can not use the same theme between reactive and traditional as they are different.



Thanks, I have been through that course, and as a result I know my CSS needs a lot of work! 

I found a couple other resources on how to create a live style guide. 

https://www.outsystems.com/learn/lesson/1116/building-a-live-style-guide/?LearningPathId=0 (is a bit old but i presume the premise is the same with OutSystems UI)

So what I am going with is to have a StyleGuide application, in that application I will have:

a theme_module - with the theme based on OutSystemsUI and some other patterns that may get used by my applications

a Style Guide app - showing what the pages etc should look like, for other developers.

The reason why i mentioned traditional web apps is because our existing applications are using Silk UI + Lisbon Theme. Does migrating to OutSystems UI make them reactive applications?