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I'm exploring the capabilities of using OS as a platform to analyze data and perform tests. So far, I've been able to do basic regression and value calculations using server actions and formulas.

The next step is to perform a 2 sample t-test, at which I'm a bit lost. I can calculate the p-value by dynamically changing the function, then finding the area under the curve, however, I haven't been able to find a function/ forge component that can handle integrals. The alternate  to this is to use Riemann sums, however, I'd prefer not to use approximations. 

The math functions in outsystems are limited. But you can always use Outsystems integration studio to integrate with existing C# projects which can then be consumed by your Outsystems app.

For example, I used integration studio to integrate with MathParser c# project. I then have an app that consumes this to calculate mathematical expressions


You can create an extension by using an integration studio. You have to write the function using C# to do the mathematical functions. then you can add the dep[endency of that extension to your module.

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