Hi All,

I'm working with OS 11 platform.

I have an debugger issue in my en environment where debuffeger doesn't land on break point intermittently.

So I just want to understand the debugger life cycle from platform perspective.

Can anyone share ur thoughts or links to understand.



Please check the below video which will help you to understood how to debug.



I hope this will help you,

Thank you,


Hi Ricardo/Suip,

I know how to debug the application.

Issue is debugger in the environment is not working.

So from platform perspective I would like to understand the debugger lifecycles to troubleshoot the issue of debugger in my environment.


The origin of the reason may be different, however, let me ask you, where are you placing the breakpoint in which module? What I mean is that you imagine that you are in a CS (core service) module, when you start the debbuger, you have to indicate which module is your Entry Module, which will be your UI module. But this is only one of the possibilities.