Wrong message seen in the learning video. clarify me

Hello everyone,

As the last line is seeing in the above picture is "Displays the validation message when the input gains focus"

When I tried in application it displays for all the invalid fields in one time .. not for focusing ...

so how it is mentioned that for gains focus... what is correct sentence .. what is happing on gains focus.. even the message is displayed on clicking of save button. 

I am confused for this line. because I need to prepare for exam and what is the correct one.

Kindly clarify me.  ASAP

Hi Manish,

I did some tests using the browser and mobile device and verified that the validation messages are shown right after the form is validated (in case the form is invalid). I.e. not only when the input is focused.

I'm using OutSystems 11. I can't remember if this behaviour was changed between versions.

It could be a typo of the slides.

Hope I could help.




I don't know if I understood your question, but if your question is, after you have entered the date, the error message appears immediately, this is due to the fact that the field validation is done right on OnChange.

As the date placed is less than the current date it will give error, of course.

You can do the validation at the end, when you click on a save for example and the save action has the validations of the fields you want, or you can do a validation field by field, through the OnChange of the input.

But as I told you, I couldn't understand whether this was your problem or not. If not, give me some more details so I can help you correctly.


Hello Manish, 

The information in the video is 'outdated'. 

In the past, it was true. The message did appeared only when the input gained focus. 

Since SilkUI that this changed, I think. 

Now, when the form is refreshed, all invalid inputs show their error messages, not being necessary to have the focus. 

Sorry for this small problem on the video and hope this can clarify things.