Binding a list of Integers to a combop box

Hello All 

I have a requirement where I need to bind a list of Integers(1 - 5) in a dropdown. 

When I bind a list of Integers I need to enter a Source Attribute and Source Identifier Attribute which I cannot enter.  Why cant I bind a list of Integers to the dropdown ?

Thanks in advance


Hello Saurav, 

You can solve your problem by creating a list of structure of Integers and binding the same to the dropdown. 

In this manner you will be able to set both the Source Attribute as well as the Source Identifier Attribute 

However your question as to why we cannot bind to a list of Integers. I can only guess that the code generator requires a source list having named attributes (like an entity or structure). From this the generator can infer the attribute and its type to generate the proper code. 

Hope this helps !!! 

Hi Saurav,

As suggested by Amal ,you need to bind a list of integers with the drop down. For this you can create static entity or structure. By this way will be able get both source list and identifier.

Except this, If you just want to select value range between 1 to 5, can use any number picker plugin or range slider kind of feature also.


Or , if you are using traditional web , you can use the combo "Special List":and the "special variable"  

refer to

for more detail on how use it

Hello Amal,

Can you please elaborate how can we do it

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