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I have a web app with popups. Suddenly, starting this week, some of the pop ups on my app is not working. These are popups that have been working for ages and no changes have been made recently. I can find nothing wrong in my code.  Sometimes they work the first time I click and the second time they don't. They will then open up in full screen.

OutSystems did a security upgrade on our enterprise environments over the weekend and I am wondering if this could have caused the issue? 

Is anyone else experiencing this on Version 11.0.614.0


Screen shots of my code below:


Hi Vonnelize,

That is indeed a known issue in this latest version. If you want to know more about it you can read it in Popup_Editor and Popup_Upload Known Issues.

Tiago Simões

Is this documentation available somewhere else.  I'm getting a no permissions error when I try to open it.

I recommend using modals on Outsystems 11, they are going to replace popups.

Here's how you can use them:


Hi Vonnelize Haupt,

I've  experienced a similar behavior on version 10 after a platform update, and sorted out putting the PopUpEditor outside the link. Something like this:

But, as Henrique Silva said, it's recommend using modals on version 11.

Thank you for all the responses. I followed the instructions on the link that Tiago shared and that solved the problem. Thanks Tiago.

Thanks for the advice about the modals. I dont want to use modals as sometimes have a few different popups on one screen, each with its own aggregates inside a preparation. I dont want to load all the data that I need for all the popups inside the preparation for the main screen as that will slow the page down and the user dont always use all the pop ups when they access the page. Also, as far as I could see you can only have one modal on a page.

By the way ... I just hate it when things that have been working forever suddenly breaks due to a platform upgrade. That is so frustrating and a waste of time. 

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