Upgrade to version 5.0


I've have some issue with updating to server platform 5.0.

From the start:

I have my server platform updated to version 5. After this was done I updated the enterprise manager and template espaces to version 5. I mainly use the richwidgets and other extensions (think about binary data and so on).

When I've done this and publish an old solution (version 4.2) (old espace with (for example) the richwidgets espace) the richwidget espace is being updated with the version in the extension. But this is an older version than is on my platform server. By this my enterprise manager espace shows a : '!' because it's references are outdated.

Can I pass by, that when I update a solution with contains a older version of it, it doesn't publish the old version on top of the newer version.

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Hi Evert,


Having a 4.2 solution that you will then publish in a 5.0 server, I cannot see any easy way to do what you want. I guess the best alternative is to publish the 4.2 solution and then, based on the warnings given about eSpaces and extension already on the server, you can publish them back to their most recent version.

To ease the situation, you could also create a new solution on your server with all the common eSpaces and extensions (RichWidgets, etc.) and you could then publish it's last version right after publishing the 4.2 solution. This way you easily restore these common components to their most recent version.


Nevertheless, if you were talking about publishing a 5.0 solution, I think I have some ideas that could help you. I will leave them here in case they are useful in the future.


The Upload Solution Operation
You can use the Upload Solution operation to understand which eSpaces or extensions of a Solution Pack are already on your server with the same content. The Upload Solution operation simply uploads all eSpaces and extensions contained in the Solution Pack to the server. In case any of the eSpaces or extensions is already in the server with the same content, the tool will show warning messages informing you about that.


The new "Include Dependencies in download" option in the Download Solution operation

There is a new feature in the OutSystems Agile Platform 5.0 - the Include Dependencies in download option. If you go to the Versions tab of your solution in Service Center, you have this option available in the bottom right corner. If you set the Include Dependencies in download to false and then download your solution, only the eSpaces and extensions in the solution Components list will be included in the generated Solution Pack - i.e. the Dependencies will not be included.
When you publish a solution pack which does not have the dependencies included in a server, you will see warnings about each eSpace or extension that is missing, but the solution will publish without problems using the currently published version of the dependencies.


This Include Dependencies in download is very helpful if you want to pass a solution from one environment to another, but you are sure you do not want to publish the solution dependencies (because they are older or not valid in the new environment). Of course, when using this option you must be cautious, because for the solution to work you must guarrantee that the eSpaces and extensions from which it depends are already published in the new environment and are compatible with the solution components.


I hope this information might be helpful for you in the future,

Best Regards,


Daniel Lourenço

Hello Daniel,

Thanks for your reply.

I posted my question because I wanted to know if I could pass the option that older versions solution publish the older espaces/solutions above the newer espaces/solutions. But from your reply I understand that isn't possible.

I don't see the advantage of upload vs. publish. Oke it shows warnings but I still need to republish the newer version. But I do know I was doing it the right (/only) way.

I must say, that "include dependencies" is new to me and it sounds as a good way to make a solution without the enterprise manager widgets with are mostly included in every environment. I only want to know that after publishing the solution that has independencies compared with the new environment it makes the references itselfs or I need to make the references again? Because in the last way I don't see the advantage of it.

HI Evert,


I was making some tests, and my conclusions are the following:

  • If a version of the an eSpace or extension missing from the Solution Pack exists in the server, it will be published (i.e. and existing version it is detected even if it is not included in the Solution Pack);
  • If a version of the an eSpace or extension missing from the Solution Pack does not exist in the server, the running version of that eSpace or extension is published.

This means, for instance, that in a situation where you have newer versions of your dependencies in the Development Environment that you do not want to take to the Quality Environment, you can use this feature. Nevertheless, for you use case it will not be usefull, because old versions will always be detected and rolled back.


Best Regards,

Daniel Lourenço

Hi Daniel,

I already knew this behaviour, so nothing new to me. And like you say, not usefull for my use case.

But I think it is handy to have it on the forum.

Kind Regards,
Extract the solution and upload/publish the components seperately perhaps?

Hi Joost,


That in fact a solution for the problem. The thing is that Evert was trying to find if there was an alternative that could be automated making use of Solution Pack's.


Best regards,

Daniel Lourenço