Sizing BPT Projects

Sizing BPT Projects

I would like to know if the Sizing Tool supports or will support any specific patterns for sizing projects that use the BPT present on version 5.0.


Pedro Delgado

Hi Pedro,

We are indeed planning to add special patterns to support the BPT projects sizing.  What we have planned and are now evaluating is the addition of two patterns one for processes and another one for process activities. We need to fine tune it with the information and experience we gained with our beta program'. At this stage we do not have the date when it will be made available.

In the meantime you can still size BPT projects like a standard project and using the days of service pattern to account for the need effort to design and build the process.

Your comments on our approach are more than welcome.


Thanks for your email!

Hi Nuno,

Thanks for the input.

I still have a couple of questions about the software units. Sizing a BPT on the existing tool will it calculate the SUs correctly? The components BAM and EPA do not have indication of SUs on the information provided on the Network: should I assume the SUs of those components are for free (if the client has the BPT Add on)?
Pedro Delgado