Import entities from a external database

Import entities from a external database


first of all, why do I have to use a linked-database?
Are there plans to use a simple connection to another database?

In any case. I have a linked-database, I see the databasee but when I click on next I don't see any tables showing.
How is that possible?
what am I doing wrong?

Hi Joost,


Are you trying to connect to an external database? Since 4.2, you have two ways to do that:

1. Accessing a Linked Server from Integration Studio

2. Accessing a Database Connection from Integration Studio


You can read the following help about Integration Studio that explains the steps to be followed:

Check this video, specifically timeframe [5:43 – 10:06], which deals with the configuration of a Database Connection in Service Center and its use via Integration Studio.


Regarding your specific case, you may not see the tables if permissions are not covered for that database. Check out the reply to


Let me know if this helped.




I am using a linked server in integration studio

but thanks for the link to add a server connection with service center, that works.

It would be handy to have that ability in integration studio, because there you actually want to access an external database.
in effect it will be the same, but normally you don;t access servcie center when you plan to add external entitiies imho.