Mobile graph not adding the correct amount series

Hi All, 

My mobile application has a set of data points which need to be displayed in a bar chart.

I add an remove data series depending on the users selection. 

My expectation is that the chart will automatically pick up that there has been a data series added or removed and adjust accordingly, is this assumption correct? 

If it is, why is my chart not doing this and can it be fixed? 



Hi Nicholas,

Without seeing a sample, it's really hard to answer. The best way to get an answer is to provide as much information as possible include:

  • Version information
  • OutSystems UI version
  • screenshots
  • best case - a sample OML.

The more that you can provide, the better we will be able to help you.



Hi Stacey, 

Thanks for the quick response. 

Service Studio - 11.6.25

Platform Version - 11.0.614

I have created a short clip to show the problem I am experiencing. Please use this Dropbox link to view it:

In the clip, you can see how I select to have either the 005 or 008 data sets added to my graph. If I select 005 first, and then 008, the graph adds all of 008's data into 005's data series (and not its own series of 008).

When selecting to have one of these data sets added, I clear the variable bound to the graph and then repopulate it with the new data containing all of the chosen data sets. 

Here is the client action which populates the graph data: 

My assumption is that because I am clearing the variable, and then repopulating it with data points which have multiple data series, the graph should automatically create the new data series for me. 

This information sufficient? 



Just some extra information. 

Both the series are created when changing the code to automatically add both data series from the start.