[Key Store Plugin] Error: Check the JavaScript node 'GetValue' of the action 'DeviceGetValue'. - iOS
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Good afternoon,

I have iPhone users (various models) with the App crashing, and the error I see in the Service Center brings me to this Key Store Plugin action, do you know what it might be?

Best regards

2018-05-30 02-48-38
Rui Barbosa

Hi Diana,

Would you be so kind as to attach a minimal set of code (oml) that reproduces the problem?

Hello Rui,

In fact, I can't replicate the issue but some users can, I only see this error in the service center and I think that problem is related to app crashing.


2018-05-30 02-48-38
Rui Barbosa

This plugin had a limitation that the phone must have a password lock.

Not sure if it is your case...


We have validation for that, and if the user doesn't have the smart lock we don't allow to access to the application, in fact, the user enter and after doing the authentication/login the app crash in the dashboard screen, but the only error I had is that from keystoreplugin. What I know is that only iPhone users had this problem, but not all of them.

Do you know what kind of situations we can have this error?


2018-05-30 02-48-38
Rui Barbosa

Sorry Diana, I do not.

I also used to have a nasty error when trying to read a key that doesn't exist, but it was trappable...

hum..., Any chance you can get a hold of one of those phones and debug it?


Hello Diana,

I took a quick look at the Javascript node that the error log asks to check and there does not seem to be much that can go wrong in there. The issue is most likely in the native part that the Javascript calls (especially if it only affects iOS devices).

Could you please open a support ticket so the troubleshooting and fixing process can go through the correct OutSystems teams?

Best regards,
Nuno Azevedo

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