reCAPTCHA Implementation

reCAPTCHA Implementation

Is it possible to implement reCAPTCHA with outsystems? if so, how do you do this in integration studio?

ASP.NET Guide:

Other resource guides:

Library Files:

reCAPTCHA Inputs


>Public Key (Text)
>Private Key (Text)

>Theme (Integer) [1=Red, 2=White, 3=Black, 4=Clean]



Error Messages

>NoResponseMessage (Text) <-- html code input value
>IncorrectResponseMessage (Text) <-- html code input value

>Language (Integer) [1=English,2=Dutch,3=French,4=German,5=Portuguese,6=Russian,7=Spanish,8=Turkish]

reCAPTCHA Outputs

Success/Failure Return

Status (Boolean) [True/False]

Hi Robert,


I don't know much about it, but have you checked the ImgValidationWidget component.



Tiago Simões


Gustavo, goodwork

Thank you.

Hello Gustavo

Works well in http, have not tested it under https, but according to this page Under "Using reCAPTCHA on an https site it says that "In order to avoid getting browser warnings, if you use reCAPTCHA on an SSL site, you should replace with"

You might want to add a boolean input parameter "IsSSL" to allow the user to specify if they want to use reCAPTCHA in https or http, and a "if: Widget to your reCAPTCHA webblock to specify the https code.
Yes, there are a couple of features missing, including ssl, locatization andcustom themes support. Why don't you give it a try on adding the missing features? :) I can add you as team member for that component so you can upload an improved version and make your changes available to everyone. Instead of adding a parameter, I recommend you to use the IsSecureConnection action of the HTTPRequestHandler extension instead, which is already included in the component.

Best Regards,
Gustavo Guerra

Ok no problem.

Please find updated solution attached

Version 1.1:
Added SSL (https) and localisation support.

Solution TESTED OK

(Its using the "IsSecureConnection" function as suggested, so it will choose the correct protocol/javascript to use based on the connection type http or https) :)

I've uploaded your new version on the components area.
I need your e-mail to add you as a team member of the component so you can upload newer improvements if you want to. You can send it to to gustavo<dot>guerra<at>outsystems<dot>com.

Best Regards,
Gustavo Guerra