I'm using a Gallery & with each gallery element a FlipContent card, populated by a ListRecord.

I've created the gallery & the contents and flip works as expected (needs some styling).

I want to be able to:

  • Select a card individually
  • Write true/false back to a field in the table which populates the listrecord.
  • On select, change the style so it is highlighted

How do i go about the part where when I click, I change the style?


We had done something similar in the past and we accomplished it by having

1. a checkbox and set the variable as list record boolean

2. configure the onchange action to update the list record and refresh the listrecord

3. have a container outside of flipcontent and have class advance property and check the boolean value and set the class when its true or "" when flase.



Check the attached sample, may be this helps.