Cannot assign the Email input parameter to Rest Action GetContact

Hi Everyone,

I am doing the exercise for Writing Data to a REST API(POST & PUT methods) in integrating with web services where I am trying to add contact and update contact detail to the module.

I am having in how would I be able to set the Email parameter to the Email input parameter of the Screen in the preparation. 

I need to set it like this:

Instead it result to like this in my part:

This is my preparation:

I think due to this problem is the reason why I am not able to update the contact details

Hi Gerald,

I'm having some problems to understand what you want to achieve. 

You are calling a REST service and then you to send an email? Please clarify me.


António Pereira

Hi Gerald,

If am getting your question right, you are trying to consume a REST API and in that API you want to pass Email address.

If this is the case then in "GetContact" method you need to add one input parameter with data type email. Then you will be able to pass the value of Email to this method. For this in Logic tab, go to this GetContact method and right click on it and then select "Add Input Parameter". System will create a new input variable then, change the data type of variable to Email.


Hi Gerald,

There are two method consumed  in this exercise. 

1. GetContacts - Needs no argument. Looks like you have named it GetContact (without 's') in your application and adding in yout flow.

2. GetContact - Needs an argument email. Looks like you have not consumed it. (Explained on point no 2 on page 22)