Migration to another Server

Migration to another Server

Hi everybody.

I want migrate my Database (Running on SqlServer 2000) and my Outsystems Plattform (4.0 Version) to another Server (Machine)....

What are the corrects steps that i should take ?

Thanks in advance.

Telmo Lopes

Hi Telmo,


Are you talking about a simple hardware change? I.e. with no changes to the software (Operating System, Database Version or Outsystems Platform)? Will the Domain Name or IP of the new server be the same as the previous one?


If so, the procedure should be simple. In high level, all you have to do is:

  1. Migrate your SQL Server database to the new hardware;
  2. Download a full solution (with all eSpaces and extensions) from your current OutSystems server;
  3. Make a clean install of the OutSystems Platform in the new hardware configuring it to access the new (migrated) database - this configuration is done in the OutSystems Configuration Tool. You can find the OutSystems Platform Installation Checklist in the folder docs of the OutSystems Platform installation folder. (WARNING: You need to request a new platform license for your new hardware)
  4. Publish your full solution in the new OutSystems Platform Server;

Bare in mind that if you change the Domain Name or IP of the server, you'll have to change all configurations that use those properties (Site Properties, Web references, specific application configurations, etc.).


For more details, please see the guide posted by Miguel João - Guide: Restoring an OutSystems SQL Server database backup into a another server . See also the technical note Migrating an Environment Using a Database Clone .


Best Regards,


Daniel Lourenço


Hi Daniel.

First of all, thanks for your answer....

Actually, I would like create a test environment, in the same server, where I have my application database.

The point is that i want do a few test on my application without lost my data.

You think the better procedure is make a backup database and migrate to another server and when the tests are over, restore the database on the main server?

Thanks once again.


Hi Telmo,


I agree that your idea is the easiest way to do restore the previous application data. Nevertheless, please bare in mind that when you restore the OutSystems database, you will also be restoring all system entities (eSpaces, eSpace versions, extensions, timers, permission areas, Site Properties, etc.) and application data (including Enterprise Manager users, permissions, roles, etc.).


This means that if you publish any eSpaces or extension after the backup, you must remember to download these changed eSpaces and extensions before restoring the old database (otherwise you will loose them). If this is the case, after restoring the old database you must also republish these changed eSpaces and extensions (maybe the best is simply to replish a solution with the whole environment) and redo all configurations that might have changed (Site Properties, Web References, users, permissions, etc.).


Best Regards,

Daniel Lourenço