HTTP500 error when redirecting the WebScreen.

Hi, all.

We are using the "IdP" module and having a trouble.

Current situation is a following...

1.We are using the IdP module from forge to realize a SAML Authentication.

2.We are using WAP and ADFS to authenticate  users from internet.

3.Only when users came from the internet(via Web Application Proxy Server), the problem happens.

The problem is if the user move pages from one to another few times, HTTP 500 error happens.

4.If we change the setting of WAP Publishing Settings "Preauthentication" to "Passthrough", this problem doesn't happen.

Does anyone know what is the cause of this?

Thank you in advance.

There's really not enough information provided to troubleshoot this.

A 500 error is a "server error" but the code alone does not tell you what the specific error is, nor which server returned it. If you are also getting an error message, that might give you more on where to look, but if you can figure out which server is returning the 500 HTTP error code, you can check the logs on that server to see if you can figure out what the actual cause of the error is.

If the issue is arising with a specific configuration of your Web Application Proxy, I would start there in terms of your troubleshooting. If you have, or can get, access to the logs on the WAP, you may find useful information there.