Is it secure to generate signed apk and ipa using out system native generation?

As I am uploading the keystore file, alias and password to outsystem cloud. So sharing the password and key would be secure or not.

How we can ensure that the generated apk and ipa will be secure?

Kindly suggest me.

Hi Manish,

Have you seen this blog post? I’m a Magic MABS: How the Mobile Apps Build Service Works we’ll process your mobile keys. These keys have sensitive information and are part of this vital step in the build process. This is a vital step in the build process because both Android and iOS apps must be digitally signed with a certificate before they can be installed. For an Android app, we will use your keystore file, but if you don’t wish to provide one, we will use a default keystore from OutSystems. For an iOS app, we will create a temporary keychain with your certificate and provisioning profile.

This blog might also give you some interesting insights: Our Silver Lining: Building Mobile Apps Using Amazon Web Services

This following documentation page explains how OutSystems stores and protects your certificates: How OutSystems protects your Android and iOS certificates

If you trust the OutSystems cloud with your customers/users data, I assume that you also trust them with taking care of the sensitive documents/information you share with them.