Missing configuration: Please configure the Database Catalogs for the listed Modules

While Publishing an application pack, I get missing configuration warning with the message

There is one or more Modules with missing configuration which may lead to publishing errors. Please configure the Database Catalogs for the listed Modules.

The options I see in the dropdown are 

  • (not configured) 
  • (Main)

I selected (Main) and proceeded, but wondering if I am missing anything in the OAP?

Or, could that lead to an error in the application or database connection?

Hi Swatantra,

I've only seen this message if there is more than one database catalogue available, but you seem to have only one ("Main"). So I find it odd that it's asking you to select a catalogue. However, it has nothing to do with the OAP, and it can also not lead to any error in the application or the database connection.

Hi Kilian,

I am still curious why did it ask me to configure the database catalog for each module, as there is only one. 

Good to know that it has no relation with OAP, but then where it keeps the entries of the database catalog.

Hi Swatantra,

This is weird indeed. Could it be that the modules where previously published while configured with a different DB catalog? 

We can see in the Missing configuration step that the Expected catalog was supposed to be “DB_XXXXXXX” according to Service Center. Maybe this catalog was removed after?