Hi everyone,

Can I export my database as a JSON file? (All my entities)

If is it possible, How can I do it?

Thank you very much,


Hi Javi,

You cannot do this out of the box, you'll need to write an app for that. However, memory consumption is a thing: if the Entity contains a lot of data (say millions of records), reading it into memory and converting it to JSON will probably lead to an out-of-memory situation.

Hi Javier,

You can do this building a List Record, serialize it with JSON Serialize and download the result. Just get all the entities, and all the attributes of those entities and append it to that List Record. After that just do the JSON Serialize of that list records and download the result to an .txt. To get the entities and the attributes check this post.

For the data you can do basically the same, but this will take some time to build. If you've millions of records on the DB it will become more difficult. Probably you'll need to build a timer or do other workaround.

Hope it helps!