How to refresh sign up form?

I have created the sign up form but even after hittting save button, the data remains on the screen, how to refresh the page automatically after save. (Ajax refresh is not shwoing up in the toolbar).

Hi Pratik,

If your button is Submit, Ajax Refresh isn't available. You need to set it to Ajax Submit for that.


Hi Pratik Raj

If you want to save the data of the form and remain in the same web screen and also clean the form data you can do one of this two options:

1- The screen action that you call on the Button Save must end with a destination for the same screen

2- Assign all inputs variables of the form to null, add Ajax Refresh to the form and in the button property change to AJax Submit (Not React) 

if your working with (React), just assigned the inputs to null.

Hope it helps.


Pedro Santos