Understanding Ajax refresh for complex form

i have a complex form that has a text field in which I would like to update the value entered by the user and convert it to a new value e.g. pounds to kg. When the text field is updated, other form fields do not need to be updated. As a result, I would like to simply change the text value. As I understand it, Outsystems has the capability to do an Ajax refresh for a given section. https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/11/Developing_an_Application/Implement_Application_Logic/Use_Ajax_to_Refresh_Part_of_a_Screen

here is the workflow:

  1. user enters value in text box
  2. user clicks convert button
  3. system does an ajax refresh to update the text box value - only the text box value is updated - no post back of the entire page.
  4. revert button is displayed to allow user to undo their action

Would this be the correct approach for the use of Ajax refresh 

QUESTION - How difficult is this to do from a developer perspective.




That scenario is easy to do. When you call the action to convert, you just need to select the element that should refresh.
You can follow this tutorial to see an example of Ajax Refresh:

Hope it helps!