How do you update a single attribute in an entity without having all it's data cleared out?

When using Update<Entity> action it seems to clear out all existing data and then updates the record value.

(Example, you have Entity_A, it has attribute1, attribute2, attribute3, etc
all 3 attributes already contain data, now you just want to update Entity_A.Attribute2).

Hello Robert,

You can use the action Get<entity>ForUpdate With is placed under the entity actions.

With the Id you can get the record, after the action you can use a assign to place a variable (value in assign) to the attribute of the record (variable in assign), you want (in the assign expression editior of variable 1 you can see the get<entity>ForUpdate action and can select the right attribute.

Kind Regards,
Hello Evert

So when you use "Get<entity>ForUpdate" action, you only specify the value you wish to change and when this action updates the Entity record its only going to update the value you assigned without clearing out the rest of the values? (because you didn't assign those values)?

Hello Robert,

You're right, in a way its a three step action.

1) You get the record by Get<entity>ForUpdate.
2) You assign new value to the attribute in the record of Get<entity>ForUpdate
3) You use a Update<entitiy> with as source the record of Get<entity>ForUpdate

Now you've updated you're record with the new values.

Kind regards,
Evert, thanks.