adapt ListMove for my system

Hello everyone,

I'm using OutSystems 11.

You want help from the Outsystems community regarding a list. I'm new to the platform and accumulate just 1 and a half months of experience.
And my question is linked to the movement of the list. I cannot adapt this feature that exists as an example in the Forge of Rich Widget. However, my system is related to a priority queue and I would like to move your users in relation to their priority. Sort of like the example of the forge. However, with the characteristics of a priority queue. Move up and down, leaving a logic of who has priority, general care and etc.

I will give more information about my system, after someone has managed to assimilate the logic they want to use. Not to use information that may be related to another topic. *-*


Matheus Lorran

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Hello Matheus, 

I don't think that your question is really clear. What you want it is to give to the user a possibility to order a list? Or it is only to change the view changing the sort?

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I agree Camila, that is a google translation gone bad. I think the question is about moving rows up / down in a list to visually order them on priority. Anyhow without a better described question and maybe a screen shot there is not much room to give a proper answer.

Hi Matheus,

I cannot say I have ever used the List Move RichWidget, but the Rich Widgets Sample application that you mention has that behaviour implemented and you can inspect its source code to understand how it's done. Also, there's an explanation by Eduardo that should be particularly useful to your case.

Hope this helps!

Hello guys!
 Sorry for my topic not being so clear, because I said I just wanted to induce my little idea of using the Rich Widget Sample. However, it makes it more appropriate for my context. Which is exactly what Daniël Kuhlmann mentioned. I want to move users according to their priority that they took after demanding a service. Moving up and down.
Would be like this:
1st Preferential service;
2nd General Service;
3rd Provider / Invoice;

Sorry Guys.


However, the point is that I can't adapt that ListMove example from the Rich Widget Sample. Because I am using only one table. There are two or three I don't remember exactly. But I was lost with the issue of updates. Related to CurrentRowNumber (-1 and +1) to make the move. In my case it would be names and registrations associated with that type of priority that you have taken on.

Thank You, Guys!

Hello people.

I managed to adapt the functionality. But my problem is that it is overwriting. I move a person and end up taking the name of another person who is in the queue. How could I stop overwriting as I move up and down?

Thanks in advance!