Usability Tip (Ctrl+shift+click)

I want to share with you a very useful tip.
There's a key combination that can be used action flows while editing an action (control + shift + mouse click)
This bulk selects the current node plus nodes that are down.
You can use this when you want to insert some complex logic in the middle of your flow and are trying to arrange some extra space.
Give it a try to see how it works.

Hope this was helpful,

Hi Luis,


This is really gonne be usefull for me. Wonder why nobody told me before :D.

This functionality is not working in
In which versions has this functionality been tested?

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Remco Dekkinga

I've tested it in

It only has one disadvantage.

The key combination select every node with is on the same line as the node you click on. Having some node on the same horizontal line it selects every node on that line. So also the ones that are in top in the flow.

So the key combination doesn't select all the nodes that are down in the flow but selects every node that is on the same and down the line of the node you've clicked at.
Hi, it works fine in
In 4.1.3+ versions it will indeed select all down nodes (blindly).
In seems to be more smart.
Have a try.
In fact that feature was missing on and we added it back in
What it will do is to select every element that is vertically bellow the clicked one AND that is connected from it. So if you a paralell exception handler flow in the same action that just happens to have some elements bellow, they won't be selected, like happended in 4.2.

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Gustavo Guerra


Nice to know, because I already saw it didn't worked in

Time to update ;).

Gustavo, thanks for the extra remark.
I'm using
In this version, with this new functionality for CTRL+SHIFT+CLICK (it selects every element that is vertically bellow the clicked one AND that is connected from it) there is a little side effect: it also won't select any comments... because comments are not part of the flow...
Is there any keyboard shortcut to get access to the previous behavior?
Hi Tiago,
Unfortunately there's no way to get the old behavior.
This behavior was changed to use connected nodes because it made more sense... guess that comments were forgotten.
In the upcoming 5.1 version that behavior has been fixed to include the comments

Best Regards,
Gustavo Guerra