Hi, I would like to ask how can I change the domain name when installing the iOS application.

Example message:

The current message of my application is 

outsystem-testing.ABCcompany.com" would like to install "OnlineForm Apps"

I want to change to 

"ABCcompany" would like to install "OnlineForm Apps"

I don't want user see "outsystems-testing" inside the domain, please advise how can I do this domain changes.


Server info:

Outsystems Version

Hello Jack,

You can try to do this https://developer.apple.com/library/archive/documentation/General/Reference/InfoPlistKeyReference/Articles/AboutInformationPropertyListFiles.html#//apple_ref/doc/uid/TP40009254-SW1. In the "Localizing Property List Values" section, another way to do that is to go to ServiceCenter and change the hostname.