Difference between Server Action's input parameter and Web Screen's input parameter

I think there is difference between Server Action's input parameter and Web Screen's input parameter.

but I can't find evidence in Forums and Documentation.

May be a very basic question.

When I use these parameters ...

I suppose

-basically,Input parameter is moved to another screen by Server Action. 

but Web Screen's input parameter can appear to URL.


Hi Erina Yamazaki,

Think of input parameters as the data the screen, screen action or server action need to receive in order to customize their functionality. And in that regard they all behave the same way: they are pre-assigned a value before your logic (screen preparation, screen action or server action) runs, and they will be discarded once the logic finishes (for Screens and Screen Actions this will be when the screen HTML is sent back to the browser, for Server Action's it will be when the action flow reaches an End tool).

Input Parameters for Screens and Screen Actions will be part of the HTTP Request (wether they are on the URL or on the body will depend on the Method used - Navigate/GET our Submit/POST respectively). Input Parameters for Server Actions are managed internally, on the server side, just like a method/function call in other programming languages.

You can find an explanation of the Request/Response pattern used by traditional web applications here, including details on input parameters and local variables for screens. You can find a more detailed explanation on the differences between input parameters, output parameters and local variables here (around the 10:17 mark).

Hope this helps!

I forgot HTTP Request rules.

I understand.

Thank you Jorge Martins.

@Jorge Martins Thank you for your post. 

I've sent you a message :) Don't know if you got it

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