Is viewstate size still important in Reactive Web Apps?

Hi there OutSystems Community!

Our team is creating a Reactive Web application in OutSystems.

I've added a large screen local variable in one of the screens. Since it's only used in client actions, I figured this wouldn't be a problem, but the architecture dashboard shows this as something that slows performance. I was wondering if the best practice of using only small local variables also applies to client actions and why that is :-)

Thanks in advance!


Hi Marleen,

No it is not relevant for reactive web apps as it wasn't already for mobile apps., pages are not rendered server side. 

But of course also for Reactive there are best practices to keep the application performant.

Which best practice from Architectural Dashboard are you referring too?




Hi Daniël,

Thanks for the info!

Yes, we'll still do our best to keep the local variable data small.
In this case, it's a list, which has lists inside of it.

As for your question: here's the notice from the architecture dashboard:

This is the link to the knowledge base:

I would say that the text and knowledge base article are not really applicable for reactive web. So that is strange.

Reactive is client side (JavaScript). Also in JavaScript passing arrays and objects is by reference.