Role permission: Open and Debug Applications. App not visible in Service Studio

I have created a new role in lifetime to avoid Developers change core applications.

The Developers can see the APP in lifetime and service center but not in the list of applications in service studio.


  • Cannot debug actions that are consuming
  • Cannot see what Applications are installed
  • They try to install an application that it's already installed (waste of time)


  • List all apps in service studio that user has, at least, permission "List Applications" 

Use ctrl+O to access module search window

You can post your solution as an idea.

This is not an idea, is a bug

No it is not, does service studio do something else than documented?

Btw i do agree that it doesn't make sense how it is now. I also think your suggestion is already posted as an idea.

Anyhow, idea or bug, in the forum is now one who can help you with this.

Either post it as an idea. Or use the service studio feedback button if you think it is a bug.

There is no reason for Service Studio not list all applications. But I will follow your suggestion