IDP Login flow - controller.idP_SSO_URL$ServerAction is not a function error


I am trying to use IDP Connector. I am following this guide in a Reactive Web app. I have a personal development environment.

First there is a difference in my application (created by default wizard): There is no "Common/NoPermission" flow in my app. But I understood that I need to change SecurityException flow to redirect it to IDP. I changed the SecurityExecption flow to call "IDP_SSO_URL" server action and the redirect to the URL returned by this action (see attached PDF). I also configured the IDP as mentioned in the guide.

But when I run the application, I see following error in the log: controller.idP_SSO_URL$ServerAction is not a function error. The page does't open.

I guess I am doing some simple mistake. Any hint would be helpful.

Regards, Pradeep


Hello, Pradeep

Create a Client Action to wrap the call to the IDP_SSO_URL and use the Client Action in the Exception Handler instead. This will solve this problem.


P.S. Notice that the Reactive application is a SPA (Single Page Application), like Mobile, and I don't know if you don't need something different to use IdP on it, as it happens to Mobile through the IdP plugin.


Thanks for the prompt reply. It worked!

However, I couldn't fully understood your point related to SPA - why it should have problem with IDP? BTW, I also installed and activated IDPReact without knowing much details.


It was more like a disclaimer, as I didn't tested the react app with it... Mobile required a special plugin, but reactive is not mobile, in the end. 

I'm glad it worked, though :)