What is the use of layout property of Theme?

I am not getting the proper use of layout property of theme.

I didn't find any difference when I change the value of this property.

can anyone help me regarding this property.

Hi Manish,

Layout property of the theme is used for setting default layout of all screen created using that theme.

So if you create a screen using any theme (set on either module or on UI Flow) then screen's layout will be same as what is configured on theme.

But if you change theme of any module/ UI flow or change the layout of existing theme it will not change the layout of already created screens using that theme.


Hi Manish,

As Nikhil already mentioned changing the default layout only effects screens you create after the change of the layout property.

For existing screens you can change the existing layout to another one by using the widget tree. Then select the layout and the select another one.

Content of matching placeholder will automatically be located correctly. Content of place holders that existed in the layout you replaced will be shown in the widget tree, but you might need to move them to the desired location.