PermissionAreas & Webscreens


I would like to create a page that would list all webscreens in a given eSpace along side with their assiocated PermissionArea.
where i could then assign/unassign permissionarea to one or more webscreen via this newly created page.

Now I would like to know in which System Entity are the eSpace webscreen names and its associated permission stored?
Also Is the "CheckMyUserPermissionXPermission(UserId:)" function always initialize with "true" when the user is logged in?

Hi Robert,



The association between Screens and Permission Areas is not stored in the metamodel. It is explicit in the generated code.


To achieve your goal, you need to create a custom security framework to associate Permission Areas (or your equivalent concept) and Screens. Then you would use the logic of such framework in the preparation of each screen to assure security.





Rodrigo Castelo