Multilingual Web Application - Containers not displayed when changing language


I am facing an issue that I cannot understand through the Debugger interface. That is why I am now requesting your help. I am developing a proof of concept of an application in my factory that needs to be multilingual. 

We translated all the application following this course :

The app seems to work nicely but my users are facing some issues sometimes when they want to switch the language. It happens only on the "objects" like containers and buttons that can be modified by an ajax action. As you can see below, the card container is displayed in English but not in Hungarian

I am developing on OutSystems Studio V11.6.26, Build 9940

Thank you for your help and have a good day

Hi Guillaume,

Have you applyed any display condition on this container?

Hi Nikhil, 

Yes I applied some display conditions but when I check on the Debugger, the conditions are valid in both languages. Do you think it may be the problem ? 


If condition is valid then it should be fine but I was thinking if you are aplying condition based on some entity attribute and that attribute has different value based on language.

Can you share the exact condition you have on your container?


My guess would also be that your display condition is being translated, which causes for this unwanted result.

If I'm not mistaken, the debugger shows the default language, so you wouldn't notice it there if your condition is indeed being translated.

Please double check in the multilingual if your display condition is being translated.

It was that. Thank you very much for your help. I feel quite idiot after this mistake but thank you :) 

Yeah, make sure you never ever use hardcoded text values for comparison, but use Static Entity Identifiers (which should _never_ be translated) whereever possible.