[EventDispatcher] Multiple errors with unexpected error while notifying event watcher

Hello all,

We get now many errors with the following:

Unexpected error while notifying event watcher of event 59af51fd-e5a2-4add-8343-21cf31bd9ac9. Watcher url: .../TemplateManager/rest/EventWatcherAPI/HandleModulePublish?Key=key&VersionId=version&HasBrokenOrMissingReferences=False&IsNewVersion=True&Timestamp=2%2F17%2F2020 11:13:22 AM. Exception: One or more errors occurred - One or more errors occurred.

With the stack:

  at System.Threading.Tasks.Task`1.GetResultCore(Boolean waitCompletionNotification)
   at OutSystems.Server.EventDispatcher.EventDispatcher.Notify(IEnumerable`1 urls, String espaceUniqueId)

How can we fix this? Is there a solution?

We are using Outsystems version 11 with Release Jan.2019 CP1 as Platform server

Kind regards,


Have you had any upgrade of system components or OutSystems UI/Templates?

In another thread what solved this issue for the user was to reinstall the components and publish a solution to make sure that all references are correct. 

I'd advise to first publish all consumers of OutSystems UI and its templates to check if it solves the issue. And only if it doesn't work reinstalling the components very carefully to make sure that you don't break the consumers