[File Viewer Plugin] MABS 6.0 Problem with Movie Player

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Published on 28 Aug (4 weeks ago) by Experts
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Published on 28 Aug (4 weeks ago) by Experts

Version 11.7.2 (Build 6043)

MABS 6.0

When I generate the mobile application with MABS 6.0, my mobile application crashes when I want to play a video. In ServiceCenter I have the following error message: A fatal error has occurred. Please contact OutSystems support: MPMoviePlayerViewController is no longer available. Use AVPlayerViewController in AVKit.

Is there a solution for this?

Hi Robin,

That library has been deprecated by Apple (see here)

You will also get more details by downloading the log from MABS via service center -> your application -> native platforms and then there should be an icon to download.

On the new look its something like this:

I took a look at the plugin just in case it was a fork of another one with an updated version but no luck. Looks like this one was developed from scratch by these folks. (check their git hub, there is an email there).

Please take into consideration that although the author identifies himself as an OutSystems employee this is still a not supported component.

Often OutSystems employees create open source components on a best effort basis and may not be available to support them.

Best Regards


Problem has been solved in Version 1.0.2