We are experiencing a weird issue on Mobile;

There is a dropdown inside a popup on the dashboard.

When we open the application for the first time, the dropdown is not clickable at all (only on iOS).

As soon as we open the application, navigate to another page & go back to the Dashboard the dropdown is clickable. 

We have debugged to make sure the dropdown list is filled, and this is in both steps the case.

Does anyone have an idea what could cause this? Or is this a platform bug?

Some questions:

  • What version of the platform and Service Studio are you using?
  • How are you deploying the app (mobile web, PWA, or Native/MABS)?
  • Can you share a small OML that reproduces the issue?

Hello Kevin,

Is the application Reactive, mobile or web? 

Are you using any widget that will change the behavior of the dropdown (for exemple select2)?

With the best regards,



I am using the latest Service Studio Version: 11.6.27.

The platform is running on Version 11.0.614.0

In the popup there is only one widget -> The dropdown.

Thanks in advance :)

Hi Kevin Neeter,

I tried this and did not face this issue.

  • Service Studio Version: 11.6.27.
  • Platform Version 111.0.606.0
  • MABS Version: 6.1
  • IPhone Model: 7
  • iOS version: 13.3

I am not sure but this can happen if you are fetching the dropdown data from server so it may take time to load.