Create entities based on existing database

I want to create entities in Service Studio based on an existing ms-access (or SQL) database.
How can I do this.

I don't want to link to the database, just get the tables and fields into a new project.
So no use for Integration Studio

Hi Joop,


If you just need the table definitions you can do the following:


1 - Import the Access database to SQL server (either by using SQL DTS or using MS Access Wizards)

2 - In SQL Server grant owner permission of those tables to the OSRuntime user

3 - In Integration Studio import those entities and publish an extension

4 - In Service Studio import those extension entities

5 - In the eSpace tree right click one of those entities and click copy

6 - Right click in the Entities folder in the eSpace tree and select Paste

7 - Repeat steps 5,6 for all the desired entities

8 - You will now have entities with the same structure

9 - Delete the extension and the original tables in SQL Server



Tiago Simões



Not very agile, but I guess it works
I've been stuggling with this for the last couple of hours...

Finally got the tables imported , not using wizards bacause I could not get connection to SQLExpress.

Created SQL scripts using a freeware tool.Created the tabels in OutSystems database
Granted persmissions ... so far so good.

Opened Integration Studio, created an import ... and then the shit hits the fan !!!
Inegration Studio is not able to import because there were spaces in the field names, darn.

Now I just gonna create the tables myself direct in Service Studio

Oh how nice it would be to import an MS-Access database directly into Service Studio or Integration Studio :-)