App Feedback: Housekeeping, and closing comments.

2 questions/observations related to app feedback.

1.  Only thing you can do with the feedback is close it.  Ability to add comments would be good.  Have seen the tools on the forge for linking feedback to Jira, Zendesk etc..  Can't see anything for Service Now...

2. Is there a housekeeping option, so that Closed feedback can be removed at some point??  This is not obvious from the Documentation.

Hi Steve,

I've done a quick search on Ideas ( to see if someone already gave that feedback about not being able to delete close issues. Our R&D team is actively looking to Ideas and receive feedback from users, I'd recommend you start a new idea.

Integration with ServiceNow must be implemented since there's nothing out-of-the-box. You can then use the App Feedback Connector to easily integrate with a third-party.