I need to build a unified dashboard of our OutSystems ecosystems including the status of various services we connect to. Part of the project is to include our current usage of the OutSystems environment, particularly the AO's, Active Users and Database Storage. I've found useful methods for calculating each of these current levels, but so far nothing that allows me to query the current limits of the OutSystems license. 

For instance, I'd like to display the database storage usage as well as the total available, in a similar fashion as can be seen in Lifetime.

I know the other data is currently available in the environment's Service Centre, but needing to display it on a single dashboard means I would love to find a way to query those limits.


I do not have a direct answer, but you could have a look at the code of DbcleanerOnAstroids .It shows all entity usage. 

Just no sure how to get the database size limit. Would love to find that out too.



I agree with Daniel, you can you the forge component, DBCleanerOnAstrods, or you have another component on forge: DBCleaner.

Please, check some more info in this document.

Nuno Verdasca

I appreciate the suggestions, but so far these only give me used AO's, or Database Storage, or Active Users. What I'm really after is the licensed limits. Is there an undocumented API perhaps that allows me to query the platforms limits (ie how many users can I have, or how much storage have I paid for).